The countdown is on for Season 2 of the VCO ProSIM SERIES – Stars from Esports and real-world racing go head to head – VCO /// Virtual Competition Organisation

The countdown is on for Season 2 of the VCO ProSIM SERIES – Stars from Esports and real-world racing go head to head

  • From Kanaan, Wickens and Güven to Rogers, Benecke and Broadbent: Fantastic starting field with 65 cars for second VCO ProSIM SERIES.
  • New season gets underway on Tuesday at 20.00 (CET).
  • With a total of four events, 25,000 US dollars are up for grabs.

Munich – The second season of the VCO ProSIM SERIES on the leading simulation platform iRacing is within striking distance. The opening event of the Esports racing championship organised by Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) will be held on Tuesday (from 20.00 LIVE on YouTube and Twitch). Well-known stars from real-world motor racing and the best Esports racers in the world will go head to head in teams of two for four events, and do battle for a total prize fund of 25,000 US dollars.

Top stars from both worlds will be racing at the wheel of Dallara LMP2 prototypes with identical set-ups to ensure the playing field is as level as possible, guaranteeing thrilling races. Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan is returning to the series, as are Raffaele Marciello, Robert Wickens or Sage Karam. They will be joined by numerous ProSIM rookies such as Formula 3 star Frederik Vesti and IndyCar driver Scott McLaughlin. On the other side, some of the strongest drivers Esports racing has to offer will be taking part – including Maximilian Benecke, Mitchell deJong, Kevin Ellis Jr and Nils Naujoks.

However, the format of the VCO ProSIM SERIES will be totally new. First, there will be two 20-minute heats, in which more than 30 duos will go head to head in each heat. Regulations require a change of driver over the course of the race. Points will be up for grabs for the “Esports Racer” and “Real-World Pro” classifications in these races, and cash prizes will be awarded to the top three in each of the races. The top 15 in each heat will qualify for the Bonus Race, which will last 30 minutes. Fewer points will be awarded for this race, but the cash prizes for the top 15 will be considerably higher.

The two winners alone will each receive 500 US dollars. The two champions, who will be crowned at the grand finale on 23rd November, can look forward to an additional bonus of 1,500 US dollars each. The drivers to beat are the two champions from last season, Josh Rogers and Porsche Junior Ayhancan Güven of Coanda Simsport. They will be racing in car number 1 and will take on the even tougher competition.

VCO is once again striking out in a new direction when it comes to live broadcasting. Produced in collaboration with RaceSpot TV, the events will offer pacey, gripping entertainment. There will be four commentators and Esports/motorsport experts on the mic: Ben Constanduros, Lewis McGlade, Arjuna Kankipati and – new to the VCO family – George Morgan. The four of them will analyse the races and present the contenders of the VCO ProSIM SERIES to the audience in more detail through in-depth interviews.

“Fans can look forward to an Esports racing championship with a sensational starting field,” said Florian Haasper, CEO of VCO. “The level of the second edition of the VCO ProSIM SERIES is even higher than in our inaugural season last year. The cars will have identical set-ups, and the community will vote for the tracks just a few hours before the start of the show so everyone will be facing the same challenge. It’s fantastic that so many of the drivers who took part in the first season are back with us again – and that lots of new faces are trying their luck.”

VCO ProSIM SERIES Entry List, Event 1:

# Heat Esports Racer Team Real-World Pro
1 1 Josh Rogers Team VRS Ayhancan Güven
2 2 Yuri Kasdorp Red Bull Racing Esports Gergo Baldi
3 1 Suellio Almeida Moradness e-Stars Daniel Morad
4 2 Salva Talens MSi eSports Manel Cubo
5 1 Christopher Dambietz Team Redline Luis Glania
6 1 Dominik Hofmann Team Redline Robert Wickens
7 1 Kenny Roosens BS+COMPETITION Marius Zug
8 2 Przemysław Lemanek R8G Esports Enzo Fittpaldi
9 1 Danny Giusa Haupt Racing Team Aleix Alcaraz
11 2 Maximilian Benecke Team Redline Chris Lulham
13 2 Gregor Schill G2 Esports Jordan Sherratt
16 2 Mack Bakkum Team VRS Sage Karam
18 2 Oscar Mangan SimRacing Sindre Setsaas
19 1 Julien Soenen R8G Esports Elliott Vayron
20 1 Charlie Collins Coanda Simsport Mitchell deJong
21 1 Tuomas Tähtelä KOVA Esports Victor Garcia
22 1 Gabi Montoro MSi eSports Bruno Carneiro
23 1 Bram van Putten SimRC Pedro Bürger
24 2 Flavio Dantas Sabiá Racing Chris Shorter
25 2 Florian Denzler Haupt Racing Team Cédric Bollen
26 1 Beau Albert Logitech G Altus Esports Jordan Caruso
28 1 Ross Woodford YAS HEAT Johnny Guindi
30 2 Jeremy Bouteloup Coanda Simsport Moritz Löhner
31 1 David Williams Team VRS Loek Hartog
32 1 Markus Dec RLR Abruzzi eSports Florian Krüger
33 2 Arturo Melgar Protostar Racing Team Nikodem Wierzbicki
34 1 Louis Nahser URANO eSports Alexey Nesov
36 2 Dekota Fripp Vendaval Simracing Joshua Anderson
41 1 Nick Luedeke Vendaval Simracing Braden Eves
42 1 Daniel Lafuente Williams Esports Heusinkveld Ramon Pineiro
46 2 Vladimir Ozeretskovskiy LoveFortySix Thrustmaster Lyubov Ozeretskovskaya
47 2 Alejandro Sánchez MSi eSports Ryan Wood
48 1 Timo Heyden Impulse Racing Liam McNeilly
49 2 Peter Zuba Team ZH Róbert Hefler
50 1 Peter Berryman Apex Racing Team Elvis Rankin
52 1 Fraser Williamson SRC Mivano Corse Will Tregurtha
55 2 Dylan Scrivens URANO eSports Sandy Mitchell
56 2 André Böttcher Williams Esports BenQ Atilla Tassi
58 2 Felix Quirmbach BS+COMPETITION Elias Seppänen
59 2 Luke Bennett Team Redline Gustas Grinbergas
62 1 Nils Naujoks G2 Esports Mike Epps
63 2 Sam Kuitert RaceKraft Esports Brian Lockwood
65 2 Tommy Østgaard Coanda Simsport Frederik Vesti
68 2 Jordan Lacey YAS HEAT COMMUNITY Jardier
69 1 Vasilios Beletsiotis RN Vision STS Simracing Team Jan Marschalkowski
70 1 Gianni Vecchio Team Redline Enzo Bonito
71 2 Jonas Wallmeier Team Redline Felipe Baptista
72 2 Maxime Brient Apex Racing Team Benny Simonsen
73 1 Josh Thompson Williams Esports Chillblast Sami-Matti Trogen
74 2 Bence Némethi Orion Race Team Norbert Kiss
76 2 Moreno Sirica Williams Esports Razer Arthur Lehouck
80 2 Quentin Vialatte R8G Esports Hugh Barter
87 1 Jimmy Broadbent R8G Esports Gordie Mutch
89 1 Rainer Talvar BS+COMPETITION Phillippe Denes
90 2 Ryan Barneveld BS+COMPETITION Frédéric Vervisch
92 1 Kay Kaschube BS+COMPETITION Laurin Heinrich
93 1 Martin Krönke Team VRS Raoul Hyman
94 1 Atte Kauppinen Williams Esports Fanatec Raffaele Marciello
95 1 Daniel Pásztor URANO eSports Fabrice Cornelis
97 2 Simone Maria Marcenò Logitech G Altus Esports Cooper Webster
98 1 Kevin Ellis Jr Apex Racing Team Scott McLaughlin
99 2 Jamie Fluke Apex Racing Team Tony Kanaan
176 2 Jürgen Frank SimRC Nick Yelloly
504 2 Pablo López Team Fordzilla Roldan Rodriguez
888 2 Vlad Khimichev R8G Esports Gustavo Ariel

VCO ProSIM SERIES race calendar:
2nd November, 9th November, 16th November, 23rd November

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