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‘Victory Lane’ interview with Maximilian Benecke, the Fun Cup champion in the VCO ProSIM SERIES.

  • On Wednesday, Team Redline Esports racer Maximilian Benecke secured early confirmation of his victory in the Fun Cup overall standings in the VCO ProSIM SERIES.
  • Benecke’s prize will be a Simulator Pro unit from SiFaT Performance in the unique VCO design.
  • In the ‘Victory Lane’ interview, Benecke explains his spectacularly decisive overtaking manoeuvre and looks at a season of highs and lows.

Munich – With a decisive moment on the final lap, driving on the Watkins Glen circuit, Maximilian Benecke made a spectacular overtaking manoeuvre on the final lap of Wednesday’s Fun Race to pass Sebastian Job, claiming victory in the seventh race of the season and in the overall standings for the category. In the ‘Victory Lane’ interview, he reveals that he had not been thinking about winning the title at all, and that he also had no idea that his success on the iRacing platform would be rewarded with such a great prize: a Simulator Pro unit from SiFaT Performance in the unique VCO design. Benecke also takes the time ahead of the VCO ProSIM SERIES season finale on 31st March to sum up the season – with its highs and lows.

Maximilian, congratulations on winning the title! Did you realise that your spectacular duel with Sebastian Job and your overtaking manoeuvre on the final lap effectively represented a one-on-one battle for the title in the Fun Cup?

Maximilian Benecke: No, not at all. I hadn’t even realised that there was a prize for finishing first in the Fun Cup overall standings. I really enjoyed these races throughout the season, as they were just so much fun and I really wanted to get into each battle. When I’m in a race, I just want to win – regardless of whether there is a prize up for grabs or not.

Even though you had no idea that there was a prize on offer, how delighted are you with your new simulator unit from SiFaT Performance?

Benecke: Honestly? I haven’t had any experience of products from SiFaT Performance yet but I am really looking forward to changing that state of affairs. I am excited about trying out my new Simulator Pro. I don’t have the room for another simulator at home though, so we are discussing whether I should go directly to SiFaT Performance for an extensive test drive. Then I will think about where I can put the simulator.

Let’s go back to last Wednesday – tell us about your wonderful manoeuvre on the final lap against Sebastian Job again.

Benecke: Like I said, I didn’t know that I had to overtake him to win the title. It was just about the race win for me. Ahead of the turn where I overtook him, Sebastian made a minor error. There was some unbelievable wear on the tyres with the Super Late Model. He got some oversteer and just touched the wall to the right. I had more momentum and was able to pull alongside him on the outside. I knew that I had to brake just a split-second later than him to get the inside line on the second turn through the fast chicane. Luckily, I managed to do just that.

Setting the fun aspect to one side, is it a question of honour in duels like this between the best Esports racers in the world?

Benecke: Definitely. From my point of view, that is what really counts. The aim is always to win races against these guys, and I think the others see it like that as well. It is a particularly special situation in the VCO ProSIM SERIES Fun Races, as we only find out about the circuit and the car one hour in advance. Last Wednesday, I even had to buy the Super Late Model on iRacing, as I had never driven it before. We don’t practice for days and make adjustments to the setup. You take a seat in the simulator and get started. That is pure racing. And it’s even more enjoyable to win a race like that.

Is winning the Fun Cup title some consolation for the unfortunate events in the Championship Race season so far?

Benecke: Well, a little, but in the end, it’s clear that the Championship Races are the ones that really count. In fact, things started well with the opening-day win for Max Verstappen and me. Unfortunately, my team-mates and I were unable to influence some of the things that happened to us as the season progressed – such as Max’s accident last Wednesday. You need a bit of luck with this kind of tight racing format and with so many cars. We just didn’t have enough of that.

Bearing that in mind, how do you feel about the first VCO ProSIM SERIES season – even though there is still one race to go?

Benecke: The concept behind the VCO ProSIM SERIES is brilliant. I have driven with three fantastic real-world Pros this season. Max Verstappen, Lorenzo Colombo and Bent Viscaal. You don’t get a chance like that very many times in your life. It’s just great to experience the collective practice sessions and see how these guys really get stuck in. You see so many famous names in the races – that’s a whole new ball game, we’ve not seen anything quite like that before in our Esports scene.

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