• Stars from Formula 1 and many other race series team up with the world’s best Esports racers to form duos in the VCO ProSIM SERIES. 
  • Participants pick their team-mates in the three-day ‘Draft’.
  • Maximilian Benecke and Max Verstappen head the strong driver line-up.

Munich – The countdown has begun ahead of the start of the VCO ProSIM SERIES, which will be hosted by the Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) on the iRacing simulation platform from 18 November. On Saturday, the VCO used social media channels to announce the 44 driver duos that will meet eight times by the end of March to do battle for prize money of 50,000 US dollars. Some of the best-known drivers from the world of real-world and Esports racing will be involved, and the provisional list of participants contains representatives of no fewer than 23 nations.

With an ‘iRating’ of 8,824, the performance and reliability driven points score on iRacing, Dutch driver Max Verstappen was the first Pro driver to make a ‘draft pick’. He chose Maximilian Benecke, who – like him – represents the colours of Team Redline in Esports racing. The two drivers boast a combined iRating of 19,819. Next was Coanda Simsport driver Josh Rogers from Australia who picked his team-mate Ayhancan Güven from the ranks of the ‘real world’ stars. Touring car driver Agustín Canapino from Argentina also selected a team-mate; Sami-Matti Trogen will form a Williams Esports driving duo with Canapino.

They were followed by numerous exciting pairings, which are only possible in the VCO ProSIM SERIES. Sebastian Job, the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup champion racing for Red Bull Racing Esports, will be tackling the season together with DTM driver Philipp Eng. Reigning Formula E champion António Félix da Costa will be driving alongside experienced Team Redline representative Olli Pahkala from Finland. Eleven-time Grand Prix winner Rubens Barrichello will be competing with German SimRC ace Jürgen Frank. Romain Grosjean will also appear in the Dallara F3 racing car, forming a duo with Thomas Petitjean from his own R8G Esports team. DTM driver Timo Glock will be competing with Niclas Koetz from the Biela Racing Team Euronics.

Overview of all picks in the VCO ProSIM SERIES DRAFT:

1         Max Verstappen (Real-World Pro) picked Maximilian Benecke (Esports Racer)
2         Josh Rogers (Esports Racer) picked Ayhancan Güven (Real-World Pro)
3         Agustín Canapino (Real-World Pro) picked Sami-Matti Trogen (Esports Racer)
4         Martin Krönke (Esports Racer) picked Bruno Spengler (Real-World Pro)
5         Dani Juncadella (Real-World Pro) picked Chris Lulham (Esports Racer)
6         Sebastian Job (Esports Racer) picked Philipp Eng (Real-World Pro)
7         Kelvin van der Linde (Real-World Pro) picked Freek Schothorst (Esports Racer)
8         Mack Bakkum (Esports Racer) picked Sage Karam (Real-World Pro)
9         Alexey Nesov (Real-World Pro) picked Patrik Holzmann (Esports Racer)
10       Alexander Voß (Esports Racer) picked Robby Foley (Real-World Pro)
11       Daniel Morad (Real-World Pro) picked Suellio Almeida (Esports Racer)
12       Kay Kaschube (Esports Racer) picked Nicky Catsburg (Real-World Pro)
13       Beitske Visser (Real-World Pro) picked Nils Koch (Esports Racer)
14       Alex Arana (Esports Racer) picked Raffaele Marciello (Real-World Pro)
15       Mirko Bortolotti (Real-World Pro) picked Sindre Setsaas (Esports Racer)
16       Graham Carroll (Esports Racer) picked Stoffel Vandoorne (Real-World Pro)
17       Marius Zug (Real-World Pro) picked Alejandro Sánchez (Esports Racer)
18       Marc Pérez (Esports Racer) picked Miguel Molina (Real-World Pro)
19       Gustas Grinbergas (Real-World Pro) picked Tommy Østgaard (Esports Racer)
20       Jeremy Bouteloup (Esports Racer) picked Matt Campbell (Real-World Pro)
21       Danny Kroes (Real-World Pro) picked Samuel Libeert (Esports Racer)
22       Jürgen Frank (Esports Racer) picked Rubens Barrichello (Real-World Pro)
23       Louis Delétraz (Real-World Pro) picked André Böttcher (Esports Racer)
24       Cooper Webster (Esports Racer) picked Job van Uitert (Real-World Pro)
25       Tony Kanaan (Real-World Pro) picked Simone Maria Marcenò (Esports Racer)
26       Salva Talens (Esports Racer) picked Tim Heinemann (Real-World Pro)
27       Romain Grosjean (Real-World Pro) picked Thomas Petitjean (Esports Racer)
28       Niclas Koetz (Esports Racer) picked Timo Glock (Real-World Pro)
29       Raoul Hyman (Real-World Pro) picked Felix Luding (Esports Racer)
30       Yannick Lapchin (Esports Racer) picked Eduardo Barrichello (Real-World Pro)
31       Frédéric Vervisch (Real-World Pro) picked Oscar Mangan (Esports Racer)
32       Florian Krüger (Esports Racer) picked Martin Tomczyk (Real-World Pro)
33       Sergio Sette Camara (Real-World Pro) picked Pablo López (Esports Racer)
34       Eneric Andre (Esports Racer) picked Robert Wickens (Real-World Pro)
35       Will Stevens (Real-World Pro) picked Luis Glania (Esports Racer)
36       Olli Pahkala (Esports Racer) picked António Félix da Costa (Real-World Pro)
37       Adam Christodoulou (Real-World Pro) picked Lukas Müller (Esports Racer)
38       Rick Jonk (Esports Racer) picked Filipe Albuquerque (Real-World Pro)
39       Darren Turner (Real-World Pro) picked Bence Némethi (Esports Racer)
40       Frank Schlothmann (Esports Racer) picked Jens Klingmann (Real-World Pro)
41       Oliver Jarvis (Real-World Pro) picked Dennis Weiss (Esports Racer)
42       Florian Denzler (Esports Racer) picked Nick Yelloly (Real-World Pro)
43       Alexandre Premat (Real-World Pro) picked Lars Fronius (Esports Racer)
44       Jan Wenninger (Esports Racer) picked Richard Wagner (Real-World Pro)

VCO ProSIM SERIES Race Calendar:
18 November, 25 November, 16 December, 2 January, 20 January, 10 February, 3 March, 31 March (changes possible)

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