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VCO to partner “Coupe de France GT” on iRacing

  • VCO agrees partnership with the organising committee for the French Esports racing tournament.
  • First jointly hosted event takes place on 12th December.
  • Haasper: “Top-class Esports racing competitions at a national level deserve support.”


Munich – A new cooperative venture has heightened the profile of the Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) in France. The popular “Coupe de France GT” on the leading sim platform iRacing is going to be “powered by VCO” moving forward. The organising committee for the competition and the VCO have agreed to work together for the long term. The first joint event of this Esports racing tournament is scheduled for 12th December 2021. For the first time, there will be prize money of 2,000 Euro on offer at the “VCO Coupe de France GT”.


A compact, one-day event will establish the identity of the French champion twice each year. Most recently, more than 300 Esports racers competed in the “Coupe de France”. The professional and experienced organising committee behind the concept consists of Didier Lapchin, Florian Denard, Yannick Lapchin, Thomas Petitjean and Loïc Guérin, who had the idea for the project.


“Top-class Esports racing competitions at a national level deserve support,” said Florian Haasper, CEO of the VCO. “The pacy and entertaining concept behind the ‘Coupe de France’ is a really good fit for the VCO and is very popular in France with participants and with the public. There are some real Esports experts working the background. We are looking forward very much to this cooperation. It can certainly be used as a blueprint for further VCO involvement in national Esports racing communities.”


Yannick Lapchin, member of the organising committee for the “VCO Coupe de France GT”, added: “We are absolutely delighted to engage the Coupe de France iRacing in such a professional partnership with Virtual Competition Organisation. We are very proud and really enthusiastic for the future as we see it as a long-term association. Some members of the Organising Committee have already participated in important VCO competitions, and we appreciate how great it was. We are really happy about how close our vision of Esports is.”



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